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case studies

Franchising (Working for Client)

Our client was a world leader in their sector with a target to increase the number of franchisees within their network whilst at the same time drive new business opportunities to support existing and newly acquired franchise owners.

Four Continents were approached to manage the rigorous franchise selection process taking prospective franchises through a four stage selection in a timely and structured way.

In supporting the core operating business, Four Continents managed the hotel division in applying for and delivering tenders for services, such work then being passed to franchisees to deliver. Tenders were take from initial invitation to contract signing.

In support of the new tenders, we developed operating procedures to fulfil tender requirements including writing cleaning, audit and inspection manuals together with staff training videos and documentation.

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Financial Services (Partnering with Client)

Using our in-depth experience within the affinity credit card market place, we identified opportunities within the entertainment sector to launch an affinity credit card working with leading entertainment providers across the globe.

Working with one of Australia's leading concert promoters we sourced a global financial provider to act as card issuer and launched the first entertainment credit card in the territory.

Taking the developed branding and again working with global financial providers, we partnered with a leading theatre owner / ticketing company in launching the card in UK. The model was replicated across European territories by identifying partners who held large customer databases and had access to high volume events where a range of direct mail, direct promotions and other high volume acquisition methods could be utilised.

Working with a team of 500+ direct promotions personnel we were able to effectively drive acquisition of card members and later provide consulting to the card issuer to drive ongoing card spend.  

Security Communications (Self Developed)

The internet provides a huge opportunity in keeping devices connected, often called the Internet of Things (IoT). Whilst many devices rely on wifi, high security and remote devices require a sim card connected to the mobile networks.

The specialist nature of an IoT sim means that the Customer experience in trying to source one, program their equipment and manage their account was difficult.

Four Continents developed a bespoke service offering where security alarm customers and installers could easily install and connect an IoT sim in their equipment. Sims were programmed and ready to connect to hundreds of mobile networks in over 55 countries worldwide for a low annual fee providing direct connectivity between smartphone app and the alarm panel to allow for control and monitoring in the palm of your hand.

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..... other examples

- Developed franchise model for world's no.1 security brand including acquisition of master brand licence and subsequent sub licencing through a franchise network

 Marketing strategy and execution to drive revenues through Person to Person marketing for various global banks

Providing in-depth and highly specialised research services to a leading entertainment provider to assist in winning tenders for radio frequency licenses

- Key focus on identifying opportunities within sectors (e.g. satellite tracking and numerous security sub sectors) where the customer experience is poor and developing and launching solutions where the Customer is at the heart of the operation 

- Developed Guest Experiential Evaluation modelling for hospitality sector to accurately and consistently evaluate the Guest experience across over 1000 quantitative measures. 

- Provision of Lean Six Sygma Black Belt consultants to a leading aircraft parts manufacturer to evaluate landing gear manufacturing processes and implement change, resulting in a enhanced productivity and service delivery through organisational change and ethos re-engineering