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Four Continents Consulting Group: Global Consulting. Local Partner

Established in 2004, Four Continents are a UK based consultancy business operating globally across the hospitality, financial services, franchise / licensing, communications and security sectors.  

Whilst our range of expertise and delivery is wide and varied, day in and day out we focus on delivering projects that focus on one of three key criteria:

Deliver Revenue through Loyalty
Deliver Loyalty through Experiences
Deliver Experiences through Service

Our passion lies ultimately in helping businesses deliver great experiences for consumers whoever they may be... from hotel guests to home owners or retail consumers to business. Everyone loves great service but sadly so many sectors are failing in their business to understand the key aspects of service delivery at every touchpoint of the Customer journey.  We truly believe that where the service proposition is right at every level of an organisation, Customer experience, loyalty and revenue will follow.

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For over 17 years, Four Continents have been helping businesses deliver great service and experiences whilst driving incremental revenue.  We do this in a number of ways:

Businesses engage with us with a specific issue

We identify specific issues and engage with a business/es with a proposition to improve the service offering

We identify specific issues and deliver our own solution

Our team have a wide and diverse range of skills from across the business spectrum, all of which are utilised with our clients to deliver an outstanding consultancy experience. These experiences have been garnered from across hospitality, legal, financial services, health care, manufacturing and security and harness specific skills in project management, Lean Six Sygma methodology and compliance.

Unlike other consultancy businesses we only work within sectors that we have a real passion for and one for which we believe we can add value.