Four Continents

Global Consulting. Local Partner.


For the past 20 years we have had the pleasure and honour of working with amazing clients from across Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. Our clients come a wide range of sectors including hospitality, entertainment, financial services, franchising and licensing, security and communications. Our focus is always on driving Customer loyalty, retention and incremental revenue through amazing service and propositions.

Revenue through Loyalty

Revenue through Loyalty

Retaining existing Customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones (in fact you want to do both) and where Customers are your advocates, loyalty is inherit.

Loyalty through Experience

Loyalty through Experience

'the way that something happens and how it makes you feel'

Easy to define, easy to say but far too often easily misunderstood.

Experience through Service

Experience through Service

What other security business provides support 14 hours a day, 365 days a year with industry leading response times and passion to enhance client brands with their Customers.

How We Work

For 20 years, Four Continents have been helping businesses deliver great service and experiences whilst driving incremental revenue. We do this in a number of ways:

Businesses engage with us with a specific issue

We identify specific issues and engage with a business/es with a proposition to improve the service offering

We identify specific issues and deliver our own solution

Our team have a wide and diverse range of skills from across the business spectrum, all of which are utilised with our clients to deliver an outstanding consultancy experience. These experiences have been garnered from across hospitality, legal, financial services, health care, manufacturing and security and harness specific skills in project management, Lean Six Sygma methodology and compliance.

Unlike other consultancy businesses we only work within sectors that we have a real passion for and one for which we believe we can add value.